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5 Things You Should Never do at Your Boot Camp

Bad habits start off as minor enjoyable activities that seem to have no major impact on your daily work. Gradually however they become an unhealthy addiction and influence both the quality and quantity of your activities. This is applicable in case of boot camp training too where a few bad habits can ruin all your efforts. You should never encourage such detrimental addictions if you want to complete your Dangerously Fit boot camp Sydney training safely, successfully and within a deadline.

Being Irregular

Regularity and discipline are the prime requirements for successful completion of your Dangerously Fit bootcamp Sydney session. If you often skip sessions, you will never learn how to exercise correctly, how to plan your meals and how to improve your stamina. In short, skipping sessions often is the same as not attending a Sydney boot camp at all! So before signing up, sort out your other priorities; select a boot camp timing that is convenient and always arrive on time.

Deviating from a Preset Workout

Never simulate compliance while at a Dangerously Fit. By doing so, you are only cheating yourself and wasting both your time and money. Your trainer will set a particular workout schedule for the day keeping in mind several factors. He is trained and experienced and knows what he is doing. However, it is not possible for him to check out each and every camp member all the time. Don’t take advantage of this and skip workouts or steps.

Boot Camp Sydney

The Dangerously Fit Boot Camp crew doing some Hill Training

Letting your Mind Wander

Never let your mind wander when your Sydney boot camp instructor is explaining something important or demonstrating a particular workout. Superficially, exercising may seem to be so simple and easy but it is not actually so. When you work out, you are putting different levels of pressure and strain on different areas of your body. A wrong step or incorrect intensity can lead to major or minor injuries that will force you to discontinue your sessions. Also remember that the knowledge you gain at a boot camp will help you to continue exercising and staying healthy throughout your life. So always concentrate on what your trainer is saying instead of pondering over other things.

Lacking Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is the driving force that can turn even the laziest person into a fitness fanatic over time. So don’t just join Dangerously Fit on a momentary impulse or because everybody around you is doing so. Go ahead only if you have an inner urge to sweat it out really hard, change your unhealthy lifestyle and forego your regular addictions. And once you are there, don’t let your self-belief fade away. Stay motivated, nurture positive thoughts, carry a can-do attitude and always try to accomplish something at the end of each session. It may be something as small as doing more number of squats than your previous sessions. But the urge should be there to strive harder for improvement and success.

Following an Unhealthy Diet

Dangerously Fit boot camp trainers will definitely provide you with a comprehensive diet plan for all your major and minor meals throughout the day. He will also advise you on how much to eat both before and after your workouts and the kind of food groups you must include to nourish and fortify your body. Any deviation from this can play havoc on your system. Improper nourishment will weaken your body beyond redemption while cheating with unhealthy food will hamper your progress.

Boot Camp Balmain – What are Plyometric Exercises

When you choose to join boot camp Balmain you can expect to learn a variety of exercise techniques. One of the greatest benefits of working out at boot camps is the personalized training and exercise options. These variations help the body to lose excess weight and tone muscles faster.

Boot camps in Balmain are known to utilize innovative yet simple methods to help members achieve their fitness goals. The techniques may not always need exercise equipment like the ones used in gyms. Boot camps are known to use other tools like kettlebells, exercise balls and the sorts to train members. Plyometric exercises are also an effective method used by most boot camps. Read on to know more.

The basics of Plyometric workouts

Plyometric exercises are those that help tone the muscles that are the most elastic. They are also known as jump training or plyos in other words. The focus when it comes to plyometric workouts lies in improving overall speed and power.

This type of workout is very popular among professional sportsmen because it helps improve overall flexibility and gives more power to the body. This therefore helps them to improve their overall performance.

Plyometric work-outs make use of high-intensity exercises like jumping or on the spot jogging to help improve the muscle elasticity and power.

Plyometric workouts have not always been a part of traditional boot camp exercises. However, now that it is commonly used by most boot camp trainers, this has also made boot camps a popular work out option for most people.

boot camp Balmain

The balmain boot camp crew doing some beach training for the Tough Mudder event

A few benefits of Plyometric workouts

Plyometric workouts if performed properly can provide a host of benefits. They help tone the entire body and improve overall stamina. Plyometrics also strengthen the body thereby serving more benefits to professional sportsmen especially.

Plyometric workouts also help in overall weight loss. Since they are simple to perform even those who are not accustomed to regular work outs can pick up the technique easily. Beginners may not be able to perform the exercises as well but with time once their stamina improves they will be able to perform a whole routine.

Regular plyos can also help reduce the severity or instances of sports injuries. This is because the muscle and tendons are strengthened thereby aiding protecting the person performing the work outs.

A few precautions

Plyos are by and large safe for most age groups. It is not advisable for elderly people to perform this technique because of reduced muscle strength and change in hormones. Youngsters can easily perform the routine without much threat of physical harm.

It is also important to follow the right technique else you may be in danger of serious injuries. If you are trying out plyos for the first time, be sure to inform your trainer at the boot camp Balmain.

A beginner would need to be told more about the right balance to use when performing these high-intensity work outs. In all, plyos are beneficial and can help you in the long run.

Importance of Hiring a Trainer to Help you Build Muscles Fast

Gaining muscles can be beneficial irrespective of whether you are thin or fat. As a thin person, more muscle will make your body look stronger, leaner and fitter. And if you are overweight or inching towards obesity, gaining muscles can actually help you to slim down. This is because lean muscles require more energy to function and hence boost fat burning to release energy. But gaining muscles quickly in a healthy manner can be difficult, especially if you have no idea about health and fitness. It can even be unsafe if you follow the wrong procedure. To avoid complications and disappointments, always hire a personal trainer if you want the fastest way to gain muscle.

How a Trainer can help you Build Muscles
Gaining or losing weight is not as simple as you think. Unplanned or excessive weight gain or loss can wreck havoc on your body’s internal mechanism and push you towards lifestyle ailments. You may become too weak or gain unhealthy fat, which is not what you want. Moreover, other factors such as your age, gender, physical condition, etc. also have to be taken into consideration. Learn the secrets of eating clean and you will learn how to get a six pack fast.

As a layman, it is not possible for you to correlate all these and create a fitness plan that will be safe, effective and achievable. Only a fitness trainer has specific knowledge in this area as it is his job to help clients reach their fitness goals. He knows how to evaluate your individual condition, how to pick the right exercises for you and how to modulate exercise sessions to make them more appropriate for your specific requirement.

An Instructor will Select the Most Appropriate Workouts
In order to be successful, any fitness programme has to be appropriate and focussed. You can go on training for months without seeing any worthwhile improvement in your muscle mass. You will only be wasting time, energy and money if you don’t know what exercise to select, how long to do them and how intense your efforts should be. Only a trainer or gym instructor can help you in this regard. He has trained hundreds of clients in similar position and knows exactly what is right and beneficial for you.

An Instructor will Keep you Motivated
Only your trainer knows how difficult it is for you to gain muscle and alter your body for the better. It is so common for people so stop exercising midway without caring about whether they reach their goal or not. That is why a trainer will always try to keep you motivated and interested by altering the pace and intensity or workouts, combining different categories of exercise, measuring your progress regularly and helping you to overcome fitness plateaus. You can get more info on muscle building programs at BUILDTHEMUSCLE.ORG.

Your Instructor will Guide you on Nutrition
Mere exercise is never enough when you have a specific fitness goal to achieve. You need to supplement it with the right kind of food. Your instructor will draw up a diet plan for you to include food groups that encourage muscle gain and promote fat burning. He will teach you what food to avoid, how to portion control your meals, how to eat wisely at parties and restaurants, how to alter resting and activity periods and so on.

Marketing Tips for Your Fitness Business

In the recent years, fitness boot camps have emerged on the scene in a big way. More and more people are tilting towards joining boot camps for the upkeep of their health and fitness. And then there are those entrepreneurs who have smartly used this latest fad to their advantage and transformed in a full-fledged business setup. Staying on top of your marketing is a must if you want to be succesful in this industry. Every year the Australia Fitness Expo host a wide variety of fitness marketing gurus with the latest business insights.

There are hoards of people out there who are willing to commence a fitness for the benefit of people who face issues regarding their fitness. If you’re someone who has set up a business camp and is looking for marketing tactics to attract more campers, then the following tips should certainly come handy.

fitness programs

Fitness bootcamps are gaining in popularity, you need to be marketing your fitness business the right way!

The Team Tactic

If you really want to build a positive vibe in the market, start from your current list of clients. You will not get better brand ambassadors than them, for the marketing of your brand. That is why it is extremely important that you work towards building a positive relationship with your existing clients. Try to inculcate a ‘familial feeling’ within the group. This will go a long way in not only impressing the current clientele, but the ensuing referrals would make it a win-win situation for you.

Memory Recall

Remembering names is a tricky task. And let’s be honest, not all of you would be good at remembering names. So how do you keep all the clients’ names on the tip of your tongue. Well, if you have a good crowd in your Fitness program, you could simply start by adding a sobriquet before the name of each person in class. For example, there’s someone by the name of Kim, you could add the ‘Trim’ before the name, and address the person as ‘Trim Kim.’ And because it rhymes, it becomes easy to remember, too!

No Waiting Games

The success of a Fitness program, mainly relies on how good you’re with your clients and how empathetic and attentive you’re towards their needs. In this regard, always remember to equally prioritize every client. Nobody likes to be kept waiting. It can make things extremely uncomfortable. Avoid such scenes by establishing a systematic approach with your clients. Don’t make them wait unnecessarily, and if you must make the wait, a polite word can work wonderfully in making the client patient.

Open-Ended Dates

Never mention start-end dates of your boot camp. One of the most common errors made by most Fitness boot camp owners is that their camps have stipulated start-and-end dates at the beginning of the boot camp. This is a faulty approach, and can act as a roadblock in attracting more clients to your Fitness program. Don’t specify dates right away, avoid. Keep an open window for enrolling the latecomers. This way, those who could not join at the start of the session, would feel comfortable and welcome to approach you mid-session of the boot camp.

Is Circuit Training Effective For Losing Weight

I have a love/hate relationship with circuit training. On one hand it is great because it keeps your heart rate up and is just a good workout overall. But on the other hand, it is taking on the same persona as crossfit in the sense that people are starting to becoming over preaching zealots. Seriously, I’m fine with any workout as long as you don’t become obsessive about it.

Circuit Training is a great way to smash the whole body and improve strength and stamina

Circuit Training is a great way to smash the whole body and improve strength and stamina

With circuit training, you do a bunch of exercises ranging from 5-10 exercises and you do them one after the other in a row without any rest. This is great for building muscle and losing fat if you’re short on time, but it really is not ideal if you want to build more strength.

Due to the quick paced nature of circuit training, it can be a pain in the bottom to use heavier weights, in fact, your body won’t even be able to handle the heavier weights since you don’t ever have an opportunity to rest.

Personal Trainer Shares Favourite Weight Loss Tips

How Deep Fried Foods affect more than just your weight

Diet is an extremely important part of any weight loss plans. You may feel better after exercising regularly but you are not going to lose any weight if you do not do portion control or shun certain kinds of food from your diet. One item on your “avoid list” is deep fried stuff. Coogee boot camp instructor ‘David Mills’ says that “deep fried food has a lot of negative effect on your body.”

Risk of high cholesterol

Cholesterol is that sticky unhealthy substance that clogs your arteries and makes your blood pressure rise up. Cholesterol indirectly contributes to a high percentage of deaths in the form of burst arteries and heart attacks. When cholesterol is clogging up the blood circulation system it’s very difficult to maintain good standards of health. The leading boot camp instructor in Coogee says that consuming deep fried food on a regular basis contributes to excessive quantities of bad cholesterol.

Fried food is typically rich in saturated fat and the cholesterol levels which rise are of the LDL variety. Frying food like chicken will add more fat to it and you will simply wreck your metabolism by consuming such types of food.

Regular Exercise

If you want to maintain a healthy heart and lungs that function at 100% then cardiovascualr exercise is compulsory. A good diet will only get you so far, experts say that exercise accoutns for 20% of your success whilst diet is accountable for the remaining 20%. By joining boot camp Coogee you will be taking care of the all important 20% that dictates what your body shape and muscle tone will be.

How to assess your heart risk caused by fried food consumption

Another important side effect of having a lot of fried food is having the risk of heart disease. Coronary disease is the top killer in the medical world and his is exactly why personal trainers are so adamant about not consuming fried food.

Doctors recommend that per day oil consumption should be no more than 6-8 spoons. It’s important to keep count of how much oil is used in cooking. Fried food has a large concentration of saturated fat and will naturally increase your daily oil intake. So avoid that fried chicken burger and have the baked chicken sandwich instead.

Skin and hair problems

Not only does consuming oily fried food have a negative effect on your weight but it also wrecks the condition of your skin and hair. Excessive consumption of oil will make your face break up into oily pimples and ugly rashes. The accumulation of oil in the skin attracts bacterial and fungal growth which in turn leads to stubborn skin diseases.

In the same way excess accumulation of oil in the scalp will cause dandruff and hair fall. It’s not only personal trainers but also dermatologists ask their client to  avoid having fried food.

Failure to reach fitness goals

Every exercise routine needs the support of a proper diet to attain its goal. It’s important to listen to the advice of your local Coogee fitness trainer and keep following a diet which is rich in lean protein, complex carbs, minerals and vitamins. However the moment you fry up food you are essentially scourging it of all essential minerals and vitamins. Therefore you are indirectly depriving your body of vitamins and minerals. If you want to reach your health goals then it’s important to keep a tab on the consumption of fried food.

Giving Up Smoking Has It’s Health Benefits

smokingGiving up smoking is a must if your’e serious about getting fit and healthy, you can’t smoke and get fit… the two don’t belong in the same sentence.

So… if you’re hooked on the dirty habit – just how do you give up smoking and it’s addictive nicotine?

The electronic cigarette is a new development offering much sound alternative for smokers over the planet. They are tasteful options to customary tobacco and come in different brands. In my opinion this brand is the best electronic cigarette.

These cigarettes have tackled the health-identified issues of smoking the old smokes. Electronic cigarettes are accessible in numerous qualities, for example fruit, normal nicotine, strawberry and menthol and many others.

Electronic cigarettes are handy for the individuals who want to altogether dispose off their smoking propensity. These electronic cigarettes provide the same effect as you get from smoking the common tobacco. This is with the exception of the harmful components present in common cigarettes.

Obstacle Races Like Spartan Race Are A Great Way To Stay Motivated

Warrior DashExercise and its benefits are known to all. It’s important to exercise regularly in order to stay fit and maintain the fitness levels. While a lot of people prefer hitting the gym to meet their daily exercise requirement, a lot of other people are actually training for obstacle races like the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder.

These events are fun, thrilling, keeps you fit and also doesn’t make the regime monotonous. While there are lots of obstacle races, not all can improve the overall well-being of the body. Here are a some sports that can keep you fit. Choose whatever you like, and whatever you can play.


Aerobic Exercise

It’s one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It pumps up the heart rate and makes you sweat. It burns extra calories, improves circulation and keeps you fit. A class typically lasts for 45 minutes – 1 hour.

Choose this if you can cope up with the rigours of the sport:

Common Mistakes A Sydney Personal Trainer Can Make when Teaching New Techniques

An experienced and certified personal fitness trainer with the right amount of training usually commits few mistakes or none while teaching new techniques. But a rookie Sydney personal trainer without formal training and fake certificates often fall prey to some common mistakes while imparting personal training to clients. A few such mistakes are described below.

Same Level
One of the commonest mistakes with group personal training in Sydney is not taking into account the fitness levels, goals and abilities of all the participants. You can never put a rookie in the same class with advanced level participants as neither can adjust with the other. The beginner will never be able to match up to the tenacity, endurance, stamina, strength and tempo of the advanced participants.

He or she will become tired and sore within a few minutes and take repeated breaks, which will disrupt the schedule of the entire class. The rookie may even end up with injuries or accidents which is just not acceptable.

A good and reliable physical trainer will always have multiple options for participants who are less able. A person with a bad knee should not be put on a cycling regime, instead water or hydro exercises might be a better option for that client.

Sydney personal trainer

Sydney personal trainer will get you in shape as quickly and as safely as possible!

Safety Gear/Precautions
Fitness enthusiasts opt for Sydney personal training to improve their body shape, fitness and agility, not to get hurt or land up with accidents. It is the job and responsibility of the personal trainer to ensure the safety of participants while teaching them new techniques. For example, before urging participants to work out with the help of complex machines, your trainer should first demonstrate how to use those equipment correctly.

If necessary, he or she should help you out personally and make sure that every participant has learnt the correct use of those machines and equipment before they start working out. Failure to ensure this basic precaution can result in sprains, torn ligaments, joint pains and other such problems.

Physical Assessment
Often, people who offer personal training to fitness enthusiasts fail to assess the physical condition and ability of the participant before imparting training. As a rule, every reputable, experienced and certified fitness trainer has to conduct a thorough medical and physical evaluation of each participant before enrolling him or her.

If you would like to speak with a fully accredited fitness expert regarding a physical fitness assessment, check out Dangerously Fit here:

Sometimes, if the participant suffers from certain conditions such as heart problems, arthritis, asthma, diabetes or if the participant is recovering from a sports injury/surgery/child birth, the trainer may even ask for a doctor’s clearance certificate without which he/she will not proceed.

The trainer will then be able to effectively design an exercise program exclusively for you keeping your needs and fitness goals in mind. But unfortunately, too many unscrupulous fitness trainers skip this important step and their clients end up with injuries.

Some other moves practiced by Sydney personal trainers and which should be avoided at all costs include unloading the resistance for sprinting, pedaling backwards, aero position workouts, movement isolation, popcorn jumps and press ups on moving objects. These are all recipes for disasters and the participants may end up with serious injuries like broken body parts.

How Understanding your Metabolism Type will Help you Lose Weight

Ever wondered why your neighbor keeps on gorging down mayo loaded burgers and fries and yet remains as slim as ever. However you take a couple of cold drinks and feel yourself ballooning up. You must have a proper understanding of your metabolism type to work out a suitable exercise routine for yourself. Only then will your sessions with the Bondi personal trainers really pay off.

Are you an easy gainer?

If you constantly find yourself struggling with weight rather to get rid of these extra pounds then probably you fall into the category of an easy gainer. There are several unchangeable reasons as to why you don’t lose weight and some of these factors might be genetic. There are physiological and metabolic reasons which will keep you on the heavier side unless you decide to incorporate some basic lifestyle changes.

You need to increase your movements if you fall into the category of an easy gainer. Personal trainer in Bondi say that it’s important not to keep sitting in the same place for long periods of time if you are serious about losing weight. You have to focus on decreasing your calorie intake and burning more calories.

Bondi Personal Trainers

Are you a healthy overfueller?

Do you notice yourself loading up on all healthy carbs, lean protein and lots of fiber but still you are unable to lose weight? Perhaps you are eating too much of healthy food and are steadily becoming a healthy overfueller. Eating smart is good but you have to reduce your portions. Personal trainers in Bondi will help you lose weight by drawing up specific diet charts and fitness training exercise routines for losing all the extra weight.

Did you just turn into a midlife gainer?

Suppose you never had any weight issues as a teenager and were fabulously fit as a young adult. Now when you are in your late thirties you suddenly find your once fabulous body bloating up. You could be a midlife gainer whose metabolism has slowed down. Personal trainer in Bondi will tell what measures you need to take in order to cut down on fat and improve your lean muscle balance. You also need to map your body fat concentration levels and see whether the fat-muscle balance of your body is changing.

The fast burner

If you fall under this category you are one of the chosen few. You can keep gorging on fried chicken and yet the numbers on the scale never increase. You never had a weight issue and never ever thought of even hiring a personal trainer. Well guess what, you could be in deep trouble in the future. You are inviting high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cardio vascular diseases and a host of other problems. Getting enough exercise is important in many contexts. Make sure that you get your daily workout and you will feel fitter all day long.